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Welcome to the Prophets website.  We began as an odd group of mish-moshed misfits left homeless from former guilds joined together to form the Prophets of the New Republic when Aundair and Reidra joined Khyber.  In Khyber, we've met some good endgame players who have joined up, attracted by team-oriented play and low drama.
We play mostly high level end game quests, raiding most nights and sometimes we're a little selective about who we take to fill spots. In most cases we're not very child friendly since conversation is fairly adult in nature. We're a smallish guild and that enables us to learn each other's playstyles well and play as a team.

Our rules are: (1) have fun, (2) respect each other, and (3) have fun. But really, instead of rules, we've got a hottub!   And chicks, we've got hot chicks.  The new republic is gonna be sweet!
Pax East Photo News
HELLO DEVS!  It's just me popping up in another photo asking about a good cleric one-hander for the endgame!   Devs were super-fun sports about it.  Took *way* too many of these staged photos. :)

PAX East was big:

JoCo gives me a signed apple!  Thanks.  Code Monkey likes me!

Some other PAX East 2013 Photos now available on the Photo Gallery Page.   Just click the submenu for "Pax Cosplay," "Pax Scene," "Turbine Party," or "Pax Boston."   Oh, you creepy guidies, I know you're mostly interested in the cosplay, soI've loaded those first and here's a taste below, but seriously tomorrow or the next day I'm going to upload my "Pax Scene" photos and they are just amazing.  Those will be the best ones. 


DDO Developer Diary
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Join up prophets

NancyPDoyle, Oct 11, 11 3:04 PM.
Theoretically we coudl lock down parts of the site, like the raid schedule, so that they are viewable to members only.  So create a logon in the center above if you haven't already.  Right now, only the members only forum locks out non-members.
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